Yes ,this coming Saturday March 31st we are out in the woods, down by the  river foraging for the first most succulent edible greens. We will see what we can safely pick to eat, salad leaves in the form of dandelion leaves, Sorrel,  Alexanders  and Wild Garlic. We will bring them back to Killedmond to eat as a delicious wild salad and we will learn  lots about what is safe, nutritious and delicious to eat in our woods and along our river banks.

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic

Sorrel  -Rumex acetosa, was a most important  vegetable  in the sixteenth century and it was used for making a sauce for most meats. The leaves have  an acid taste and are often used in salads or you can boil them like spinach. They make good soups too.

Alexanders,- Smyrnium olusatrum- sometimes called Poor Man’s Asparagus is delicious at this time of year and can be picked and cooked like asparagus or celery.  They are best before the flowers come out. Trim the stalks into handy sized bits , boil in salted water for about 8 minutes until tender. Alexanders are delicious with a little  black  pepper, a blob of butter and serve them piping hot! Gorgeous.

Alexanders in  Flower

Alexanders in Flower

This is the most glorious time of year with trees bursting in leaf, our wild flowers and herbs beginning to sow and lots of bird activity in the woods and along the river. Dappled sunshine slanting through woods, shadows on the water and the sound of happy birds high in the leaf canopy will make for a great walk. Afterwards back to a delicious home-made afternoon Tea in Killedmond, … so let’s go walking

NB Make sure you can correctly identify wild plants. If in doubt do not eat,  seek advice.