Speckled Wood Butterfly

Speckled Wood Butterfly

This Sunday in conjunction with the National Country Fair in Borris, Co. Carlow we are going to have some wild fun. There is going to be a great treasure hunt for children with real buried treasure..

Children aged between 8-12 can come to the Step House Hotel at 12 noon for the first clue to be given out. All the clues are based on wild life, simple , easy and fun.


You don’t have to know big latin names for things; you don’t have to be very good at wild life but you do have to be good at fun and lots of it.

So parents bring your little ones to the Step House Hotel, 12 Noon on the dot where we will begin our  Treasure Hunt in a safe environment. At this moment I am the only one, in the whole wide world who knows where we are going and where the treasure lies.



The cost? €5 for fun, wildness and buried treasure or should that be berried treasure?Am I giving something away here.

See you at 12 on Sunday in the Step House…. where the fun starts and we go wild with Blackstairs Ecotrails.