Beautiful Barrow

This is the weather  the cuckoo likes

And so do I..

with apologies to Thoma Hardy for nicking that line! It is glorious here in Killedmond. There is a blue haze on Mount Leinster and Swallows are whizzing overhead having their breakfast” en plein air”. The beech trees are in full leaf with that gorgeous almost lime green colour  . Bluebells underfoot, are still in bloom and a hatch of Common Blues is feeding on Birds Foot Trefoil.



This is the weather for lazy strolls around the Blackstairs or along the River Barrow.  I was walking near Clashganny yesterday and the  Barrow Track is burgeoning with  Flag Irises, Herb Bennet, Herb Robert,  Hairy Bitter Cress and floating patches of  Water Crowfoot. Kingfishers were flying  up and down the River ( I know where they nest!) and a Dipper was bobbing up and down on it’s favourite stone.

A Heron was on guard watching for fish and the whole  scene had an air of complete tranquility. If I looked either up and down the  river at this point, I could see no houses, no cars, no sign of civilization, just limpid water,  beautiful woods and very busy feeding birds. The Barrow at this particular point has probably been unchanged for 100 years.

Come walking with us and I can show you this special place.

 We leave no trace!