I don’t mean to be pessimistic but there is a slight shift in the seasons these days. I spotted  the first Beech with turning leaves, blackberries are ripening  in the ditches, Rowan berries are adding colour to our woods and our  swallows are gone. I have never known them leave so early.But this shifting from one season to another is natural and after the summer we have had,perhaps autumn will reward  us with wonderful colour, berries and lovely warm autumn days to ease us  into winter. We have got to be hopeful.

One of the great things about autumn  are fungi. Wonderful edible ones, alarming poisonous ones and those  reminders of our childhood stories, the ones with the red caps and white dots. Deep in the woods they are there. Silent, secretive and endlessly fascinating.

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric





This Autumn we are holding three separate fungi workshops with Jonathan Spazzi, a renowned fungi expert.

The first will be on Saturday September 15th. 10-4pm;

the second is on September 29th at the same time and for those who already have a basic knowledge of mycology we are holding a two-day advanced course on October 6th and 7th.



 Cost €45 per person and will include all refreshments and a delicious organic lunch.

The advanced two course is €90 and will include all refreshments and a delicious organic lunch on both days. 

At the end of these workshops a good grounding in nomenclature will have been gained. We will cook up all the edible ones we find, isolate the poisonous and understand the habitat of  fungi in general.

Boletus Edulis - Cep

Boletus Edulis – Cep

The advanced two-day course will go into detail of classification, spore prints, genera and further complexities of the fungi world

Maximum number on any of these course is 20.

So book early if you want to  learn more about  fungi or to deepen your knowledge of these most mysterious inhabitants of our broad leaf and coniferous woods.