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There is something deeply satisfying about going into a beautiful wood looking for wild mushrooms .The combination of  trees, undergrowth and stillness combined with  the thrill of discovering some  delicious edible fungi or getting to know some of the fantastic varieties that live in our broadleaf or coniferous woods appeals to  us. Whether it is

The Fantastic World of Fungi

I don't mean to be pessimistic but there is a slight shift in the seasons these days. I spotted  the first Beech with turning leaves, blackberries are ripening  in the ditches, Rowan berries are adding colour to our woods and our  swallows are gone. I have never known them leave so early.But this shifting from one season

Fungi Sunday October 16th

On October 16th we are having our second Fungi Forage in the Blackstairs. Our last weekend in September  was packed with expert information from our friend Jonathan Spazzi ,a professional mycologist and  as some of our  ecotrailers could not come that day, we are lucky to have Jonathan again on October 16th for one day only. Since our last

Berried Treasure

What glorious times lie ahead for anyone interested in foraging in the coming months. This is the season when nature is most productive. The season as Keats said of "mellow fruitfullness". Our ditches, hedges, banks and verges are laden with berries and fruits of different types and the forest floor is filled with fungi. Lets

Our Fabulous Fungi Forage

Last weekend we held our first Fungi Foraging event since we set up Blackstairs Ecotrails last Spring. We were very lucky to have the skills of Jonathan Spazzi, a fully qualified mycologist with us for the two days. We also had a great group of people with  us on the  Saturday and Sunday which made the whole event very