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Beech Leaf Gin

If you want to make a truly amazing drink, well this is it! But hurry because you need to do it while the Beech leaves are so young and tender that you can almost see through them. If they look a bit tough seek out some beech trees higher up  near a hill or a

Wild Food Summer School

It's Wednesday evening, just three days since  our 2015 Wild Food Summer School ended. We had three days of foraging, talks, film, demonstrations, wild food cooked by extraordinary chefs and the brilliant and one and only Miles Irving who was with us for the weekend, sharing his passion and love of foraging and how we

Delicious Nettles!

Nettles are one of nature's most versatile plants. For centuries they have been used as Spring tonics, teas, soups, pestos and even made into fibres for cloth and and if you get a sting, the acid from the plant  can help arthritis sufferers by releasing that uric acid into the bloodstream . We use them

Elderflower Nature's Most Versatile Plant

bottling Elderflower Cordial Take a look around you today, whatever you are doing and I have no doubt that you will see the beautiful foaming white heads of Elderflower in a field, ditch, hedge, park or wood, somewhere near you. Elder is a deciduous shrub or small tree which is very prolific in Ireland. The

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

I was  out early this morning in the bog listening to Willow Warblers and Blackcaps singing in the cold morning sun. All around me blackthorn bushes , were  in flower. Their beautiful snowy blossoms completely covering the area I was in. From the tops of the bushes the warblers were singing their lovely songs. The Blackcap's rattling flow

Wonderful Wonderful Weather for….. Foraging – March 31st Our Next Big Big Walk

Yes ,this coming Saturday March 31st we are out in the woods, down by the  river foraging for the first most succulent edible greens. We will see what we can safely pick to eat, salad leaves in the form of dandelion leaves, Sorrel,  Alexanders  and Wild Garlic. We will bring them back to Killedmond to eat as a delicious wild salad

Yarrow Tea

Yarrow - Achillea  millefolium - is a short-leaved  perennial, downy and aromatic with feathery dark green leaves. It's flowering now in our ditches ,verges and on uncultivated grassy spots. It makes delicious tea. You need to put two or three fresh or dried yarrow leaves per cup of boiling water. Let the leaves infuse ,for approximately four minutes, then strain