People often ask us for information about our walks, hikes, seminars and workshops. We have put together a simple list of FAQ’s to help you.


What do I need to bring with me on an Eco Trail?

Walking shoes, a light raincoat and a hat.
Obviously if it is colder, wear something warm.


Are your Eco Trails suitable for children.
Children from 10years of age and over are very welcome.


Will I be able for your Eco walks?
Yes! Our motto is low hills to no hills! The walk is a gentle two hour trail with lots of stops to examine our local wildlife and sample edible safe wild food.


Do I need to book in advance?
Yes! We need to know how many are coming particularly to organise the delicious food which you will sample before and after your walk!


Do I need to pay in advance?
Yes! Please use our Paypal system on our web site on the Book & Shop dropdown menu.


How long does and Eco Trail take?
Arrive at 12 and we finish at 4pm.


How do I find you?
Please see all details on our Contact Page and look our for the Green and white Blackstairs Ecotrails Road signs.