Last weekend we held our first Fungi Foraging event since we set up Blackstairs Ecotrails last Spring. We were very lucky to have the skills of Jonathan Spazzi, a fully qualified mycologist with us for the two days. We also had a great group of people with  us on the  Saturday and Sunday which made the whole event very special
It was a lovely misty morning as we left Killedmond with our baskets to see what we could find .
We found lots of different types of  Russula, Horse Hair Fungi, some Lactarius several  members of the Cortinarius  family and  beautiful Ceps.
We put the edible fungi into one basket and kept the inedible or the toxic in another.
We also found some Hedgehog Fungi  .
We were delighted to find them because they ,like the Ceps ,are delicious to eat. Jonathan explained to us that the three really delicious fungi that are top of his Fungi menu are the Cep, Hedgehog and Chanterelle fungi and we found all three. Not many of any of them, because here in Carlow and on the Wexford border, we have had very little rain. The last day or two though ,has been great weather for foraging in the woods and many more fungi are  now popping up  .
Hedgehog Fungi in leaf litter

Hedgehog Fungi in leaf litter









Chanterelle in Leaf Litter

This lovely Chanterelle was also cooked up when we got back to Killedmond. Known as Chicken in the Woods it has a lovely taste of apricots. We cooked up the Ceps, Hedgehog Fungi and the Chanterelles with  olive oil, a knob of butter, black pepper , salt plus a little garlic and some white wine. Magnificent.

Jonathan  also gave us a very good presentation on how to identify the different genera of fungi  by looking at the spores, cap, gills etc., We all enjoyed the weekend and Jonathan is coming back in October  for another day of fabulous fungi foraging in the Blackstairs