2015! It has a nice new ring to it. New possibilities, new adventures and for us here at Blackstairs Ecotrails lots of new workshops and events for you to discover. We started Blackstairs EcoTrails in 2011, so this is our fourth year in business. For those of you who don’t know much about us we live close to the Blackstairs Mountains and close to the mighty River Barrow. Our  wonderful wild scenery ,incredible biodiversity with tumbling mountain streams, woods , forests trails and green roads is an ideal place for our Eco Centre and for our guests to explore this magical area.

photosforblog 1962     Chopping at Foraging Workshop 2014  image

So lets discuss foraging! Foraging is what  a lot of people want to do. They want to learn how to recognize safe wild food to eat; they want  to be able to turn these delicious treats from nature’s larder into liqueurs, pestos, tabbouleh’s,  etc.,

Did you know that you can make the most delicious ice cream from Gorse flowers? Or that the soft young tender leaves of the Beech can make an incredible drink or how about a wild salad from Sheep’s Sorrel, Hairy Bitter Cress and Dandelion?

There is something about foraging that satisfies a deep, deep link in our subconscious with a simpler life, foraging for  food like our ancestors did. It is so far removed from  much of our processed  food and it  engenders  a deep love of place, wildness and a connectivity with our local environment.

So that’s why  this blog has that title – Make me a Forager. That’s what our guests say to us. This is what we do!.

Our next Foraging Workshop is on  Sunday April 12th. Join us as we look for feral oils, Fungi for  Risottos, Wild green Salads or how about  a Cep Cappucino?