What a beautiful sunny ,summery day it was here in Killedmond and a busy one too for Blackstairs Ecotrails. As part of a programme to celebrate Borris and the hosting of the National Country Fair ,RTE is doing a programme on our  Town.In conjunction with the Fair  we were  interviewed and it was a great opportunity for Blackstairs Ecotrails and my walkers to talk about what we love doing , going walking in the Barrow Valley and Blackstairs area.

Picking Borage

Picking Borage

Today we sought out the aromatic Meadowsweet. We picked some and I explained how I make the lovely cordial from the flower  heads and since I had made a recent batch we quaffed it down. On this  hot day it slaked our thirsts and the murmurimgs of approval were audible! If you would like to make it, the recipe is on my web site.

We found a lovely patch of nettles close by and we talked of making nettle soup and steaming nettles as a vegetable. Nettles are  full of iron and  as such , make a good tonic. As we walked along under a very blue sky we came across the gorgeous blue of  Borage. We picked some and talked about making Pimm’s for lovely summer parties or indeed you can just add it to Elderflower or Meadowsweet coridals. Sometimes I pick the flowers and put them into trays of ice cubes for a wow factor after our walks, to pop into summer drinks.

We heard Jays in the  oaks and  saw lots of Swallows darting  along the local river. Damselflies and Dragonflies flew by on gossamer wings and the soft summer cooings of Wood pigeons gave a drowsy feel to the end of the walk.






Thanks to my ecotrailers, Harriet, Mary, Bernadette, Jimmy, Cathy and one handsome dog ,called Holly.

Keep a look out for the programme. August  8th at 7pm on RTE 1

Thanks to Cathy Fitzgerald for taking the photographs.

A note for your diary.

Our next day long workshop will be with Andrew Kelly a terrific wild life photographer who is coming to us on August 25th. Places are limited to 20 for this event. So book now.

 In the meantime let’s go walking on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday’s. We leave no trace!