I was  out early this morning in the bog listening to Willow Warblers and Blackcaps singing in the cold morning sun. All around me blackthorn bushes , were  in flower. Their beautiful snowy blossoms completely covering the area I was in. From the tops of the bushes the warblers were singing their lovely songs. The Blackcap’s rattling flow of notes and the “sweet delicious cadence” of the Willow Warbler , crisp and clear on this  sunny but frosty April morning.

I am scouting out good places to bring our guests at the weekend for our Saturday Workshop. We will be identifying bird calls, ringing some of our migrants; watching out for our nesting Dippers and waiting for our Swallows to come back to us. No sign of them  yet though I have seen them in other parts of Carlow.I really hope that we get our Grey Wagtails back this year. Last year was the first year that they did not nest in Killedmond and I miss them. Their quaint bobbing walk and the sulphur yellow breast are one of the loveliest sights of Summer.

Found a Treecreeper’s nest yesterday tucked away in the eaves of an old shed. It’s beak was so full of moss that I could hardly see the head. Those nestlings are going to be lovely and cosy when they arrive!

We have a lone Mallard mooching about on the pond. No sign of a mate and the canoe is bursting with frogspawn. It’s pretty busy around here at the moment. Humans are well-outnumbered.

If you are free on Saturday come and join us for our Spring Workshop. Lunch and Tea will be provided… all from the garden!