Summer is the time for weddings and the time  to think, of how to give the Bride To Be ,the best possible send off from her friends.At Blackstairs Ecotrails we have a lovely, fun filled, wild day planned . This is what we do. We start the day ( 11 0 clock) with  a champagne brunch and then we go out into  the meadows and woods to pick wild safe food which the girls will make up into  drinks,  pestos, ice creams, fritters and more. We will also have lots of treats for everyone. I won’t give away everything we do, but one of the loveliest part of the day is that   we make delightful Wild Flower Crowns, perfect for summer Brides To Be.

We have been voted in the Top 10 by One Fab Day for our Foodie Hen Parties! BlackstairsEcotrails is just outside the town of Borris –  1hr 45 from Dublin, 1 hr from Waterford, 30 minutes from Kilkenny- close to the Blackstairs Mountains and we have  flower filled meadows, a lovely lake with a Canadian canoe, Rose Garden, streams and woods,  perfect for a lovely  day out.

We would love to help you have a very special day with us.

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