Celtic Tree Walk

Laws, Letters, Lore of our Old Irish Trees

Our new Celtic Tree Trail , set in the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East in South Co. Carlow, will show our guests the world of the Celts and their reverence for Ireland’s native trees. Come and see our recently commissioned 16 minute film explaining who the Celts were and why they reverenced our Celtic Trees  and discover the 7 Noble or Chieftain Trees. We will then visit our Ogham Stone set in 5 acres of young Oak and tell the story of this ancient type of writing and how it was so closely related to the native trees of Ireland 2500 years ago.

 Finally we visit each Noble tree ( all of which we have on our grounds) and  we tell the uses and mythology of each tree as well as the penalty or Dire for cutting down or damaging a Noble in Celtic Times.


We have stories to tell. Stories of our forbears the Celts .  Stories of mystery, folklore, tradition and history. The Chieftain trees as Thomas Gray said “ dreaming out their old stories to the wind” Hear them with us ,on our Celtic Tree Trail.



€40,  which includes  Teas and Coffees , soup and sandwiches

Sunday April 26th,  Saturday May 23rd, Sunday June 28th, Saturday  July 25th,Sunday August 9th,Sunday September 19th,

12 Noon- 3pm

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Crab Apple                                Crab Apple in Bloom                 Snow on Celtic Tree Trail

photosforblog 1979       photosforblog 1404          Foraging Killedmond 2014

Measuring Oaks                 Spring on Celtic Tree Trail           Dappled light in the woods

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