Wild Life Treasure Hunt for Children

Speckled Wood Butterfly This Sunday in conjunction with the National Country Fair in Borris, Co. Carlow we are going to have some wild fun. There is going to be a great treasure hunt for children with real buried treasure.. Children aged between 8-12 can come to the Step House Hotel at 12 noon for the

Fun in the Wild

This summer besides walking with my ecotrailers three days a week I am working with the Lyrath Hotel and Spa in Kilkenny. They have a superb programme for their guests and for their little guests in particular. I am helping out with the Nature Trails around the estate. I show the children and their parents if they

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

I was  out early this morning in the bog listening to Willow Warblers and Blackcaps singing in the cold morning sun. All around me blackthorn bushes , were  in flower. Their beautiful snowy blossoms completely covering the area I was in. From the tops of the bushes the warblers were singing their lovely songs. The Blackcap's rattling flow


  Watching Our Woods Wake Up                                              Date March 10th   Cost €35 PP.   Time 12Noon   This slow, relaxing 2 hr. Ecotrail  will show you Spring waking up; sap rising, buds swelling, birds singing and early migrant arrivals.  First  delicious edible greens will be picked for salads. Delicious afternoon tea


We are gearing up for the new season with some great walks for you  to put in your diary. Event Number 1 will be on March 10th starting at 12 noon in Killedmond. This ecotrail called Watching our Woods Wake Up after Winter. We hope to see Willow and Alder in flower; Kingcups and Coltsfoot as

A Long Winter's Nap

We have had a terrific frost here in Killedmond. The sun is just coming up over the Blackstairs and  the colour of the Beech, Oaks and Walnut are magnificent. But some of our more fragile creatures are not interested in scuffing leaves along a path or saying to themselves how lovely the colours are. They are

Heritage Week Walk on the Barrow

Thanks to everyone who came out in the mist and drizzle for our Heritage Week Walk in conjunction  with the Irish Wild Life Trust. The Barrow was  fresh and beautiful after the early morning rain and looked really well with the water looking  good. By 2015 we have to  have all our water up to