Wild Life Treasure Hunt for Children

Speckled Wood Butterfly This Sunday in conjunction with the National Country Fair in Borris, Co. Carlow we are going to have some wild fun. There is going to be a great treasure hunt for children with real buried treasure.. Children aged between 8-12 can come to the Step House Hotel at 12 noon for the

Going Nationwide

What a beautiful sunny ,summery day it was here in Killedmond and a busy one too for Blackstairs Ecotrails. As part of a programme to celebrate Borris and the hosting of the National Country Fair ,RTE is doing a programme on our  Town.In conjunction with the Fair  we were  interviewed and it was a great opportunity for Blackstairs Ecotrails and my walkers to talk

Fun in the Wild

This summer besides walking with my ecotrailers three days a week I am working with the Lyrath Hotel and Spa in Kilkenny. They have a superb programme for their guests and for their little guests in particular. I am helping out with the Nature Trails around the estate. I show the children and their parents if they


The Swift(Apus apus) is the doyen of the summer skies. Soaring  high in the sky , screaming it's extraordinary song and  flying at breakneck speed  to its nest, it  is one of the most exhilarating sights of the summer.  "Our "Swifts are back on the Barrow. Nesting where they always nest, in tiny crevices high up on some

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

I was  out early this morning in the bog listening to Willow Warblers and Blackcaps singing in the cold morning sun. All around me blackthorn bushes , were  in flower. Their beautiful snowy blossoms completely covering the area I was in. From the tops of the bushes the warblers were singing their lovely songs. The Blackcap's rattling flow