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We are almost there! After five months of begining our barn renovation with a brilliant bunch of builders and a great architect, the end is in sight! We can now really see what our beautiful building will finally look like. I know a lot more about insulation, first fix electrics, plumbing and tanking( making sure you have a proper waterfproof system in your wall in case your shower leaks!).

I can envisage a busy workshop in situ and  holding  all sorts of rustic events in our green building. We have tried  hard to ensure that the barn has good eco credentials, organic paint,  great insulation, saving rain water, eco cement and buying appliances  that as far as we know, have good ethical sources. We want our building to be as eco friendly as possible. It is light, airy and has got great views of the Blackstairs where we live and work. Very shortly I will  post a photo of how the barn looks, but at the moment it is under wraps!

We had a great  herbal workshop yesterday with our herbalist Jacquie Burgess from Tullow,  Co. Carlow. We  foraged for  wild herbs and then made them into culinary treats such as  Wild Garlic Pesto, Sorrel Tabbouleh, Nettle soup and crystallised primroses. Then Jacquie made  salves  for midge  and insect bites,  hair tonic and a great spring tonic. Jacquie also made a  succus from cleavers. Our guests were hands-on in the kitchen, brewing, macerating, stirring, bottling and labelling. It was a busy day.

Our next workshop , a foraging one will be on April 12. We will go out in the wilds and find it, pick, it ,  cook it. eat it. Let me know if you would like to come.

The Blackstairs are blooming at the momnet, grass growing, primroses dotting the   lanes, dog violets   hiding in the shade and buds ready to burst out with just a little bit of extra warmrth needed to encourage them.

A few dates for your diary

Foraging Workshop April 12th

Herbal Workshop April 26th

Eco Trails and Hikes, just give us a call or email us.

If your School would like a visit, I am now in the Heritage Council’s Directory of Heritage Experts email me or  call to arrange a visit.

Photo of the Blackstairs by Suzanne Clarke