Getting Ready for our Overseas Visitors

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Getting Ready for our Overseas Visitors


A glimpse of Mount Leinster

Although there is snow on the mountains and a cold wind blowing  across the Barrow Valley, Spring is on it’s way.

I was walking along the Barrow track this morning  that magnificent long ,grassy walkway that runs for miles and miles , is full of the signs that winter is on the wane.

Two beautiful Mute Swans were looking at potential nesting sites; a Kingfisher flew upstream looking mighty pleased with himself. A Blackbird was singing it’s little heart out with that lovely mellifluous song that floated across the river and into our hearts.

Alexanders were growing well in the ditches. I picked some and I am going to  have them as a nice boiled vegetable tonight. Wild daffodils are fully out and there are huge amounts of Frog Spawn in the back drain. King Cups are blossoming, so despite the cold, there is an awful lot handicapped out in the wilds.



Ducks on the Barrow River

At Blackstairs Ecotrails we are looking forward to welcoming our overseas visitors to this beautiful part of South Carlow. We have the mountains  the  rivers, the streams, old woods and forests; green roads to walk and old sheep trails to explore..

We are looking forward to welcoming our visitors from Spain, France, Korea and North America. We will have  truly memorable wild trails ready for you when you come to us in Carlow. And you will go home with great memories and photos of  going wild with us at Blackstairs Ecotrails

It won’t be long now.

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