2003, 2015

First Foraging Workshop April 12th 2015

I am writing this as the sky darkens, birds fall silent and it looks like night time here in the Blackstairs. March  20th, the morning of the partial solar eclipse. It does look peculiar out there! However  despite the darkness we are kicking off our Spring season with lots of events here at our Eco […]

202, 2015

611, 2014

Winter Herbal & Culinary Larder

About Winter Herbal & Culinary Larder workshop
A hands on workshop to stock up your larder with herbal tonics, salves and creams to keep you fighting fit for winter. Jacquie Burgess our Master Herbalist will ensure our wellness and preparedness for winter.We will also cook up some delicious treats EG Sloe Gin,Rowan Berry Schnapps,Turkish Delight and […]

1110, 2014

Ten Things I liked about the Wild Food Summer School – David Donohoe


Ten things I loved about The Blackstairs Eco Trail’s  Summer School

Autumn has always been my favourite season, with that golden sun that burrows beneath the skin to leave enough glow to last the winter – the same sun that ripens the fruits of the hedgerows and jolts those enigmatic mushrooms into springing forth. Although I […]

1806, 2014

Update on Wild Food Summer School

I had breakfast outside this morning with the sun high overhead in an extraordinarily blue sky. Fresh strawberries from the garden, warm brown bread from the oven and a big pot of tea! Bliss. Yes I’m trying to whet your appetite for our Summer School.

We have a great line up  of speakers- see  details on […]

206, 2014

Wild Food Summer School

We have been working away here in the Blackstairs on a very exciting project. The first Wild Food Summer School which we believe is a first in Ireland. In August we will have three days of foraging, debate, cook ups, great talks and on the final  day a  Tapas style Sunday lunch of foraged food […]

2304, 2014

What’s that?

I am often out with a group and someone always says “What’s that?” They might point at the sky and see a bird flying overhead or look down and see the marvellous intricacies of a beautiful Dog Violet. When you walk slowly and observe what is happening in the great outdoors small and beautiful sights […]

2910, 2013

Getting Children into the Outdoor Classroom

Getting Children into the Outdoor Classroom

Did you know that 40% of young children between 7-11 have never climbed a tree? That as many as 60% know more about Pandas and Siberian Tigers than they do about Song Thrushes or how many spots there are on a Ladybird.

A recent article by George Monbiot for the Guardian […]

2309, 2013


This Saturday September 28th, we  are holding one of our regular Wild Mushroom Hunts at the Old Rectory, Killedmond, Borris, Co. Carlow.

We will meet up at 10.30 am and have an introductory chat about the different types of fungi to look out for. We are not going to bamboozle you with facts but give you  […]

2807, 2013

BUTTERFLY WALK AND TALK – Saturday August 3rd

Next Saturday 3rd August, we are off to the Raven, that wonderful area of sand dunes and cool woods near Curracloe Co. Wexford.

This is an Area of Special Conservation with magnificent wild flowers, herbs, butterflies and birds .


On the day we are hoping to see as many of our Irish Butterflies as possible from Blues […]