Blackstairs Eco Trails led by Robert and Mary White

We are delighted you have checked out our website. Here’s a little bit about us and how  we came to set up Blackstairs Ecotrails.

I was brought up  in the Wicklow hills. My Mother was a botanist and a zoologist so from an early age I was introduced to the wonders of the natural environment. I was home schooled for a while which was bliss! This undoubtedly helped shape my future passion for the wild uplands, rocky coasts of Wicklow and a great curiosity about wild life.  I took my degree  in Trinity College and worked in journalism and publishing for many years with stints in Spain and working for the Spanish Cultural Institute.

Political Life

I took the scenic route into politics having been involved in a lengthy anti mining campaign to protect the Blackstairs Mountains.A campaign which we won and eventually it led me to joining the Green Party.

I was subsequently elected to Carlow County Council in 1999, topping the poll in a rural three seater  and becoming the first  elected member of the Green Party in Carlow .I also  was elected to Dail Eireann our national Parliament and  was Minister for Human Rights, Equality and Integration.  It was an incredible privilege to serve in government.For  ten years I was the Deputy Leader of the  Green party .

In 2011 when I lost my seatI started Blacktairs Ecotrails to share my passion for the environment with other people and to create a sustainable eco tourism business in thr Blackstairs.

We are passionate about what we do and sharing this beautiful and undiscovered area with you.

Robert is from Co. Carlow and as brought up  on the Barrow with a deep love of wild life and ecology. A passion which he later studied. Robert is a geographer and mathematician .We met in Trinity in our final year and have spent 34 years happily together, exploring our local environment and keeping records of flowers, birds, fungi, grasses etc., for all those years. We are both delighted  to be involved in our Eco tourism business sharing  our passion for the environment with our guests and developing a sustainable business in the heart of the  Blackstairs Mountains.

We have led walks organised by Carlow Tourism , Youth Clubs and visiting groups from abroad.All have been amazed by the wealth of wild flowers, ferns, birds ,butterflies, mushrooms and toadstools in this part of South Carlow. “It’s about looking in our hedgerows, pools, bogs and streams. What’s flying overhead and what’s living underground.” says Robert. Blackstairs Eco Trails are a slow meander through the local countryside on green lanes, along the River Barrow Track, in the lowlands of the Blackstairs, revealing the secret life of these wild places, unspoilt, beautiful and often remote. Mary has written a walk guide to the these hills – Walking in the Blackstairs with the late Joss Lynam. After a long Mount Leinster Anti-Mining campaign, Mary also wrote a book called Mount Leinster Environment Mining and Politics (still in print) to highlight the beauty of the Mount Leinster area.

Blackstairs Ecotrails Ecotourism Policy

Blackstairs Ecotrails is committed to ecotourism principles and having a minimal impact on the environment. We aim to reduce any environmental impact through efficiencies in energy use and minimisation of waste and water usage.  We are partners with Leave No Trace Ireland and adopt and disseminate the seven principles of Leave No Trace to ensure we run a responsible outdoor education and tourism business.

Environmentally Sustainable Practices

Energy, waste and water are all key elements of our ecotourism policy. Whilst the nature of our business means that we don’t need to use a lot of energy or water but we ensure that it’s minimal and that our energy is sustainably sourced. We conserve water at every opportunity and recycle or compost the major of our waste produced.


  • Our electricity is sourced from Airtricity who source the majority of their energy from sustainable sources.
  • We use Geothermal under floor heating sourced from the ground to heat our premises.
  • We use wood from our woodlands for open fires and wood burning stoves. These woodlands are sustainably managed and annual replanting occurs.
  • We are about to plant four hectares of broadleaf trees on our land which will have a positive impact on the environment and ensure a sustainable source of wood.
  • We use an energy efficient Wood Strove made in Ireland by Boru Stoves. It has a 30 kilowatt boiler which heats radiators in our Barn.
  • We have used the most environmentally friendly insulation in our Barn restoration project. The insulation is called Isover which uses 85% recycled glass. We have sheep wool in the attic of The Old Rectory.
  • We use energy efficient bulbs.
  • We ensure guests are aware of energy usage.



  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, tin cans, aluminium cans, plastic, glass, electrical waste and clothes.
  • We encourage walkers not to bring plastic bottles on our walks and hikes. We supply vacuum flasks for water, drinks and juices.
  • Our purchasing policy is such that we aim to avoid buying goods that are shrink wrapped in plastic or cling film.
  • We grow all our own vegetables and fruit which avoids a huge amount of packaging waste.
  • We compost all our own organic waste including fruit and vegetable peelings, tea, etc…This is recycled as compost and used on our vegetable garden to enrich the soil.
  • We clearly labelled recycling bins in our scullery for plastic, paper, tins, glass, electrical waste (batteries et al.)
  • Recycling facilities which we use are located in Rathanna ( one mile) and Borris (3 miles).




  • Our facilities have dual flush toilets.
  • We have our own well with marvellous water free from chemicals or fluoride.
  • The well is tested regularly to ensure the quality of the spring water.
  • We have a rain water collecting scheme on the Barn.
  • Grey water is recycled.
  • We encourage guests to use as little water as possible to save this precious resource.


Blackstairs Ecotrails Environmental Policy

Mission Statement:  To develop an appreciation of the unique biodiversity of the Blackstairs and BarrowValley through workshops, walks, guided hikes, talks and seminars.


Environmentally Sustainable Practices

Environmental Measures Blackstairs Ecotrails Practice
Minimal Impact Codes Identifies and  adopted Minimal impact hill walking, bird watching. We adopt Leave No Trace policies. We don’t pick wild flowers, we take a photo and observe.
Environmental Sustainable Management Systems An environmental impact management plan has been prepared for our ecotourism product.

Energy: We use Airtricity, have geothermal heating and organic sheep’s wool insulation.

Waste: We recycle and compost almost everything

Water: sourced from our own well. We encourage minimal water usage and wastage.

Detergents: We use Ecover products

Impact on Wildlife: We observe from a distance and have no detrimental impact on wildlife.

Sewage/grey water: We have a new state of the art septic tank which allows for no leakage or pollution of groundwater.

Pollution: We use no ozone depleting products. We have no light or noise pollution or soil contaminants.Use of onsite renewable technologiesWe acquire our electricity from Airtricity

We have underfloor geothermal heating in the main house. This is heating sourced from the ground.

In our renovated barn we have wood fired stoves which are fuelled from wood collected on our land.

We recently planted eight and half acres of broadleaf forest to ensure this is sustainable.

Use of non-motorised transport

Visitors are provided with details of how to arrive to the local train station (Muine Bheag). We then pick up visitors as required. When driving to the start of walks, we car pool if guests have arrived by car.

Our ecotourism product is all about walking so we help people get outdoors and understand the benefits of walking and how sustainable it is.Use of cycle networkWe don’t offer cycling as part of our tourism experience.Use of environmentally friendly fuels in transportation

We used to have a biofuel car, my current car does not have this feature but I am looking to reinstall it.Staff awareness of environmental impactsWe are a small family run business so we don’t have a big staff. All our staff our family members. As an ex Green Party TD I have a great awareness of current environmental issues including climate change, sustainable tourism, carbon management and I have spoken on these issues both nationally and internationally, most recently at the ICRT Sustainable Tourism Conference in Dublin.Promotion of Ecolabels for tourism accommodationWe bundle with local hotels The Step House Hotel in Borris and Kilgraney House in Bagenalstown.

We offer our ecotourism product as part of their special offers. This is a step in promoting the hotel’s business as ‘eco’.

We aim to create increased awareness amongst these local hotels on ecolabels and encourage them to adopt this.Waste, water, energy minimisation planWe recycle all paper, plastic, aluminium tins, cans, cardboard and glass.

We don’t use any disposable products for catering such as disposable cutlery or plates. We focus on reducing and reusing before recycling any waste products

.Green purchasing policy

We buy in bulk to cut down on car usage  when shopping &  buy from certified eco labels .We source ,in as far as practicable, from ethical  sources.

Communication of commitment to ecotourism policy

We regularly speak at public events, Heritage Week, Local Festivals such as Carlow Tourism events, Food Festivals in both Kilkenny and Wexford.

As a member of Rathanna Community Group I advise on sustainable planting and Eco Tourism practices.

As a former Green Party member of Parliament I am regularly asked to speak abnout eco tourism at events. EG The Hay Festival 2013

.Conference on Sustainable Tourism, Dublin 2014

.Vienna Diplomatic Academy, Vienna 2013.

I give talks to schools as part of my  job as Heritage Expert with the Heritage Council.

I am certified to train teachers for continuing personal development by the Department of Education, Science and Skills. This is an incredible opportunity to enthuse teachers about EcoTourism and he Outdoor Classroom and he need for children to reconnect with nature to combat Nature Deficit Disorder ( Kaplan & Kaplan)

Iam a membe of Graiguenamanagh Outdoor Tourism Group. Collaborating with other oprators in the Barrow Valley and enthusing each other to create a sustainable chain of Eco Tourism Operators in the ara.


Use of ecolabelled accommodation.

We direct our guests where possible to ecolabelled accommodation. As this is a developing product in our area we are a bit restricted

A new Eco Hostel will shortly open at the end of 2014 and we hope to bundle with them.Ethically traded goods -We use Fair Trade Tea , Coffee and sugar. We also source our detergents from ethically traded sources. EG Ecover.

Working with landowners.

We have received great co-operation from our local landowners who own the  mountainside in commonage.

We have no access problems and we  make sure that we leave only our footprints and ensure that  all dogs are on leads at all times.Provision of Leave No Trace code of conduct to all visitors

We are proud to be partners with Leave No Trace and their literature is handed to our guests on each visit.

We also use this material in schools.

Ensuring visitors time is spent in nature.

As our business is spent in the great outdoors we cultivate a love and an interest in biodiversity and when working with children bring an element of fun in the wilds to enthuse them when we are working outdoors

.Ensuring no more than 25 visitors per guide.

We stick strictly to this policy at all times.Product makes careful use of a protected area in its operation

We operate in an area of Special Conservation and have received permission from the National Parks and Wildlife Service to use their lands.

We do not encourage the picking of specimens. What we bring out with us we bring back home – ‘pack it in pack it out’

.Development of key product groups

We work with the following groups; Schools, Active Retirement Groups,

National and International visitors, Community Groups. Tidy Towns.

Appropriate interpretive plans in place.

Prior to any of our eco trails or hikes, we carefully explain our modus operandi. Slow walking, Leave no Trace principles and an introduction to the topography of the landscape.One item of personal interpretation incorporated into ecotourism experience

A copy of Walking in the Blackstairs which I edited.

One item of non-personal interpretation included

Guide Books and Maps to enhance the enjoyment of the experience.Targeting towards special interest groups Children, Active Retirement Groups, Men’s Sheds paricipants, chefs (wild food and foraging) and Overseas visitors (Celtic Tree Trail).Interaction with other visitors

We promote interaction via email and newsletters and bundle with local hotels such as the Step House Hotel Borris.Provision of newsletter for past and future visitorsWe provide up-to-date information via newsletters and blogging.Ensuring staff are properly trained .This is a family business and we ensure that we are properly trained and professional at all times.

Business is involved with payback scheme

Not applicable at present.

Membership of nature organisations

We are members of the following organisations.

Bird Watch Ireland      ( 30 Years)

Badger Watch               (10 Years)

An Taisce                       (10 Years)

Irish Wildlife Trust      (8 Years )Active in local environmental projectActive Member of Rathanna Community Group. Founder Member of Mt. Leinster Mining Awareness Group.

Initiated local Sli na Slainte Walking Scheme.

Active Member of Save our Heartland campaign.

Public information events

Hold events every year for Heritage Week in August.

Information available on local flora and fauna

New customised leaflets on Native Irish Birds, Trees and Butterflies.Litter clean up day organised

Each year part of a local An Taisce Spring Clean of our roads. This years was held on Saturday May 3rd 2014

Information on local nature reserves

Local information is given to our guests on the Mount Leinster Area and the BarrowValley area, SACs.Native tree planting.

We have just planted 5 acres of Oak on our land and a further 6 acres on our nearby bog.Establishment of a wildlife areaWe created a large pond and wildlife area at the front of our home and are encouraging  the natural regeneration of a small woodland near our back avenue.

We have planted 5 acres of oak which will encourage other native wildlife and plants to establish themselves.Installation of bird and bat boxes

We have created nest boxes for Blue Tits, Great Tits and Dippers on our land.

We have 3 types of bats in our roof space. Pipistrelles, Soprano Pipisrelles and Long Eared Bats.

Supporting local employment

Currently we employ one other person 3 days a week and a student at busy weekends if required.

Working with the local community

We work in tandem with the local community offering help with bird identification, removal of  Bee Swarms and help in native planting. We are working with the local Tidy Towns to plant native plants in the local village of Rathanna including mountain ash

.Employing local guides

Not applicable in our case.

Provision of access to work experience

We have provided work experience to 2 local people. Ella O’ Neill aged 15 and Marie Leech seeking work experience. Our work gives experience in hospitality, guiding and ecotourism.

Product developed by community group

We are currently helping our local community group to develop 3 small circular walks in our area.

Encouraging purchase of local arts and crafts.

In our renovated Barn we will support local artists by displaying their work for purchase. We have close links with the ‘9 Stones Artists’ and Nicola Brown Felting who hopes to exhibit in our barn space shortly.

Encourage purchase of local food

We support local Cheese maker Elizabeth Bradley and buy our food locally to cut down on carbon footprint and food miles. We believe in the slow food movement and are members of Slow Food Ireland.Encouraging purchase of organic food

We grow all our own food (fruit and vegetables) and what we cannot grow we buy certified organic food. We have a tunnel for year round vegetable growing

.Membership of a tourism business network

We are members of Carlow Tourism.

Supporting rural pubs.

We have run events in our  local pubs in Borris; EG talks on Fair Trade, Coffee Mornings  and Quizzes etc.,

Ecotourism Ireland monitoring of visitor satisfaction

We encourage Ecotourism monitoring and have reviews online on Facebook and Tripadvisor

.Complying with relevant legislation

Our building is compliant with all Health and Safety legislation

Review of product by industry of professionals

We welcome reviews from the industry.

We were recently reviewed by Confetti Magazine for our ‘Foraging Hen’ experience. This is available on confetti.ieSharing of visitor satisfaction insights

We are happy to share our visitors experience with us.

Responsible marketing and communication.

We try to cut down on paper where practicable and use Twitter and Facebook and our website to promote our business

.Exclusive use of web based marketing

We have received web based training from Failte Ireland for our business.Developing international cooperationWe are currently working with groups in Germany & Austria who send tourists to walk our Celtic Tree Trail.

Information provided on local heritage

All local information guides are supplied with help from Carlow Tourism.Cross border cooperationWe would be happy to co-operate with cross border tourism operators but this has not yet happened

.Provide local access

We are always delighted to provide local access to our events and promotions


Ecotourism  Ireland

Nature Based Experience  Details



Blackstairs Ecotrails


Name of Experience

School Visits


Brief  Description:is it 51% Based in Nature

Schools visit us for a hands on session in the wild. We look at mini beasts, pond life, bird boxes and learn about butterflies,  birds, native trees. It is  over 51% based in nature 



Detailed Itinerary: including all other  providers  used etc .

Schools arrive at 10.30 and spend the  day with us. We break for a picnic in the woods or in the fields if the weather is fine. We use field guides, leaflets magnifying glasses and butterfly nets to explore the local environment. 



All pricing detail including age rates, seasonal rates, extras, single supplements, group discounts, etc:

As I am a Heritage Expert and one of the Heritage Council’s panel of experts there is a reduction for schools if they employ me through the scheme.A full day costs €170 approximately.




Address:GPS number

Address:GPS number

Coordinates and signage

GPS  coordinates: 52.611280, -6.842627
Please look out for our Blackstairs Ecotrails Road signs.






Who is  the  Target  Market  for  this  ? any research  done .

Primary Schools. We wrote to all Primary Schools in the South East of Ireland. Feedback was positive.


Website:/ Email /Tel /face book/Twitter

www.blackstairsecotrails.ieTwitter – @whiteecotrailsLinked In

Facebook  – blakstairsecotrails

How  does  this  experience  contribute  to Conservation /Local Community ?

Through our awareness raising programme with schools, children are exposed to nature throughout the year. There is a growing awareness that children  are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder ( Kaplan and Kaplan) We aim to reverse that and get children out and about in the natural environment in all weathers.


Package start and end dates:

10.30AM to 3PM September to June



Full School Day 



Minimum and maximum people per trip:

Classes of 15 through the day. 



Number of days in advance customer can book:

6 weeks -Minimum  1 week 





Copy of your booking terms, cancellations policies, waiver:

All our details are on the web and waiver schemes which do not apply to school trips.


Copy of your registration form with special questions and customer contact info:

All our details are on Pay Pal booking system. 



Responsible Marketing –Photographs /etc

We use photographs, recycled paper and social media . 



Ecotourism  Ireland

Nature Based Experience  Details



Package providers name:

Blackstairs Ecotrails


Name of Experience

Foraging Workshop


Brief  Description:is it 51% Based in Nature

A full day hands-on workshop learning the ethics and sustainability of foraging. Learning to know what is safe wild food, how to recognise it and cook it.Over 51% based in nature 



Detailed Itinerary: including all other providers used etc.

Start time 10.30am with light refreshments and an introductory talk on foraging, ethics and sustainability. After talk we spend a couple of hours  in the wild learning to recognise species etc., We provide a three course organic lunch and after lunch we  cook up what we have foraged and our guests take home, the fruits of their labours.Recipes and work sheets are also provided. 




All pricing detail including age rates, seasonal rates, extras, single supplements, group discounts, etc:

PRICE €95,OAPS €7010% Discount for groups of five or more






Address:GPS number

The Old Rectory, Killedmond, Borris, Co. Carlow. Ireland

Coordinates and signage

GPS  coordinates: 52.611280, -6.842627
Please look out for our Blackstairs Ecotrails Road signs.





Who is  the  Target  Market  for  this  ? any research  done .

Chefs, foodies, food writers wild life enthusiasts.We knew from running  Ecotrails for almost a year that what people wanted was foraging. Also did radio interviews and the feedback again was foraging.


Website:/ Email /Tel /face book/Twitter

www.blackstairsecotrails.ieblackstairsecotrails@gmail.comblackstairsecotrails on Facebook

@whiteecotrails Twitter

How  does  this  experience  contribute  to Conservation /Local Community ?

We act as educators in that we forage and walk and while doing both  consistently hammer home the message of conservation.Our work supports local shops and Bed and Breakfast owners who are delighted that we refer business o them.


Package start and end dates:

Right from March through to November






Minimum and maximum people per trip:

5 Minimum10 Maximum 




Number of days in advance customer can book:

6 weeksMinimum 3 days 





Copy of your booking terms, cancellations policies, waiver:

We offer a waiver for OAPS and Children under 12. Details on webBooking terms on web


Copy of your registration form with special questions and customer contact info:

Our  visitors email us with bookings 



Responsible Marketing –Photographs /etc

We take photographs on site  and use the web for marketing. We are trying to cut down on our paper usage. 



Ecotourism  Ireland

Nature Based Experience  Details

(up 3 experiences ) fill form each one


Package providers name:

Blackstairs Ecotrails


Name of Experience (can we  working title )



Brief  Description:is it 51% Based in Nature

A walk in the Wild through the BarrowValley and foothills of  the Blackstairs 



Detailed Itinerary: including all other  providers  used etc .

Start time 12.30 with refreshments in the Old Rectory.  We then car pool  to the trail head and walk for two hours through the BarrowValley or the BlackstairsMountains. With a larger group we use the services of a local hackney  -Terence Kelly of Borris.We also use local cheese makers for our lunch. 




All pricing detail including age rates, seasonal rates, extras, single supplements, group discounts, etc:

Price €35 per personConcessions.OAPS less 10%

Children under 12 Free.

Groups of two or more 10% discount





Address:GPS number

Coordinates and signage

GPS  coordinates: 52.611280, -6.842627
Please look out for our Blackstairs Ecotrails Road signs.





Who is  the  Target  Market  for  this  ? any research  done .

Active RetirementSchool ToursOverseas visitors

We wrote to every Active Retirement Group in Leinster detailing our product.

We wrote to all schools in the South East – primary and secondary.

Feedback was positive.


Website:/ Email /Tel /face book/Twitter

www.blackstairsecotrails.ieblackstairsecotrails@gmail.com087 270 7189

Facebook Blackstairs Ecotrails


How  does  this  experience  contribute  to Conservation /Local Community ?

We walk everywhere.We do not pick rare or unusual species.We take photos.

We give talks and lectures on the fragility of the environment.

The experience is shared by our guests staying locally, visiting .ocal pubs, renting local bicycles, stayig in local Bed and Breakfasts


Package start and end dates:

Start time 12.30 Finish 4.30pm



3 1/2 hoursSeason February to November 



Minimum and maximum people per trip:

Minimum 5 Maximum 15 



Number of days in advance customer can book:

6 weeksMinimum booking time 3 days 





Copy of your booking terms, cancellations policies, waiver:

Waivers for OAPS on web 10% discountChildren up to 12 Free.Cancellation policy We tell  our guests when booking that a minimum of one week is needed  for cancellation


Copy of your registration form with special questions and customer contact info:

Guests book in on line through Paypal. 



Responsible Marketing –Photographs /etc

Use of cameras  on our trails.Uploading of photos to Facebook and Twitter and the web 



At Blackstairs Ecotrails we enjoy linking in with international Eco Tourism organizations to  inform and support our Eco Tourism business.We have found these organizations to have very helpful links.

Responsible Marketing and Communications


Description of the product on offer


We  very clearly outline what Blackstairs Ecotrails offers our visitors;

Slow walking to observe the biodiversity of the Blackstairs and BarrowValley regions


Our business is run in an environmentally friendly way



We walk our trials mindful of Leave No Trace principles.

We car pool if necessary to reach the Trailhead.

We do not use plastic on our walks EG (We offer  guests  flasks for water)

We bring our litter home to be recycled

We use organic  food where possible. Our vegetable garden is chemical free for over 30 years.

Our green building is as eco friendly as possible.

Green cement

Eco  Paint

Recycled materials,

Ethically sourced goods.

Geothermal Heating


Guest experience nature at close hand

On foot.



Watching otters on the river,

Bird watching with binoculars,

Walking slowly through the uplands,

Enjoying the woodlands


Through workshops guests can enjoy learning about


Wild Flowers

Mini beasts

Visitors can expect to learn the fundamentals  about Bird Habitats,

Fungi nomenclature,

Habitat insights.


We support the following Conservation Bodies

Bird Watch Ireland – Member for over 30 years

Badger Watch            Member 20 years

Irish Wildlife Trust    Member 10 years

Our business supports local business in the following ways.

Visiots stay overnight in local Bed and Breakfasts and Hotels.

We buy our cheese locally from

Elizabeth Bradley    Fenagh           Co. Carlow

Tom Burgess            Coolattin,      Co. Wicklow

Helen Finnegan         Stoneyford,  Co. Kilkenny


We visits schools in the area to enthuse children about the great outdoors.

In our marketing we use the following

Facebook.   Blackstairs Ecotrails

Twitter        @whiteecotrails


Web Site

We also blog and send out  an ezine once a month.

We have recently revamped our website to include this facility on our home page.

In these ways we promote the ecotourism experience in a paperless manner.


Exclusive use of Web based marketing

We are moving to a paperless marketing strategy

This has not been fully achieved as some of our B & B’s do not have internet access in the mountains but we are pushing our


Targeting of special interest Groups

EG Active Retirement Groups,


International Visitors

exclusively through the web

Social Media


Newsletters on line.


Developing International Co-Operation

We endeavour to up skill our product knowledge though accessing information on line through the following organisations

The International Ecotourism Club

International Ecotourism Society.

We access information on line through specific websites


Our website will offer visitors an opportunity to link into  like minded organisations.

We also include book titles in our various blogs to offer visitors an opportunity to study  in further  detail the works of EG

Rachel Carson,                   Silent Spring

Robert Lloyd Praeger,        The Way that I went

Frank Mitchell                    The Way that I followed

We have a state of art Natural History Library which will move into our New ECO Centre.

This library has been accumulated over 40 years of study.




Mary White on White Mountain - Blackstairs Eco Trails

Mary White on White Mountain – Blackstairs Eco Trails

 Living and Working in the Blackstairs

white mountain

The mountain river valley of the Blackstairs Mountains: Mt Leinster, Knockroe, White Mountain, Co. Carlow, Ireland

We are members of An Taisce, Bird Watch Ireland and the Irish Wild Life Trust. We have also been involved in surveys for the Breeding Atlas of Irish Birds and completed surveys of over -wintering birds in Ireland. We have been recording birds, butterflies and fungi in the Mount Leinster area for over twenty years .Over the years we have tracked changes in our local biodiversity due to agricultural practices and climate change.

We look forward to sharing this special part of rural Ireland with you!